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      1. Love the female Cardinal! And another bird I so miss in this area is the Ruby Throated Hummingbird. I guess a few have been spotted in the Anchorage bowl but that 110 miles south; I believe the Rufous Hummingbird is a bit more prevalent in that same area. I did put out my two hummingbird feeders the first two summers up here but all I fed were the local Swallow Tail Butterflies which while gorgeous aren’t my hummingbirds. At least we lack ants up here so the feeders stayed usable all season. At least I do feed both Black Capped Chickadees and its cousin the Boreal Chickadee.

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    I think it is safe to say that cardinals hold a special status in the U.S., as it is seems to be the most popular choice as the representative bird for many states – I know for a fact that it is the state bird of my childhood state. Additionally, it is the mascot for many sports teams, most notably, the St Louis Cardinals baseball team and the Arizona Cardinals football team (and potential Super Bowl contender – oh yeah).

    This beautiful shot of nibbling mama cardinal by the lovely and loving Megi of Happynest In America reminds me just how special they are to me, as well.

    When I was in the thick of all my leukemia and GVHD sickness, each day I didn’t do much more than struggle out of bed and struggle over to my recliner to sit around all day and ride the steroid psychosis roller coaster I was on from all the prednisone in an effort to control the GVHD.

    Fortunately, I have a beautiful view out my bedroom window and some of my most enjoyable times during this period was when the mama and papa cardinals would fly down to my deck to feed on the seeds we had left for them.

    My daughter, an artist, realized how special they had become to me and drew for me many still-lifes of them, which I now have framed and hung throughout my house.

    These drawings are most cherished, especially the large charcoal piece she drew for me of five beautiful cardinals proudly perched on a branch, and which I prominently displayed on her old easel and which I can always look at and enjoy, and draw strength and peace from, when I am up here in my office typing away at stuff for you to read.

    In my little hope-filled book HOW NOT TO DIE: In 13 Easy Steps I have one step that everyone should find their “guru” to help us find peace and happiness…

    I could have just as easily had a step in there to find your “cardinal,” for whenever we take time turn to nature to reflect and enjoy, peace and happiness is always there to be found.

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