Remains to Be

Remains to Be from Aelios’s album Refining Chaos

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Music: Aelios   ( )
Film: @nojpan
Dancers: Sarah Antal and Nick Burrage
Choreography: Sarah Antal collaboration with Nick

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Remains to Be

You know

I’ll follow you

All our stuff can fit in a bag

All that’s come has come to pass

Take your time, it’s yours to keep

May all your dreams pervade your sleep

Down the line there’s only peace

With or without us remains to be seen

Why did I chase it when I had it all?

Now that I found it all that I wanted has come to pass

With me as you please

If we could be here

Dreaming, falling, growing slow


When we’re going home

It’s clear your dwelling’s best for me

From what I’ve seen

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