Autumnal Reflections no.5



A bird in serenity…


A bird in serenity
What a sumptuous view I have!

Wild with the wind


With pavement solid and safe beneath
this road like a swimming stream
seems more like an empty sea
than a lonely road
with grass swaying
wild with the wind.

⋄   ⋄   ⋄

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While the Snow Falls Before Me


While the snow, heavy and unabated, falls before me

My thoughts turn to the summer brooklet, shallow and shining

Streaming down the mountainside

Where I used to gather the round stones alone

⋄   ⋄   ⋄

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Gazing subtle shadows of the winter sun


Gazing subtle shadows of the winter sun

Sinking behind the distant trees

Wandering on the hazy farm road in the foreign land

Contemplating the meaning of my existence

*   *   *

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