15 thoughts on “The Ascendant

    1. You are very kind, ANDYSMERDON. Many birds come to eat on the back deck every time we fill the bird feeder for them. This one is called red-bellied woodpecker. 🙂

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      1. Oh! a woodpecker like ‘Woody’. I don’t think we have woodpeckers here in Australia, but a lot of our native birds live in tree branches that have been hollowed either by fire or white-ants. I look forward to more of your pics. Thanks Megi

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  1. Oh, YAY!! Wonderful photo. I was just out of the shower this morning and looked out into the backyard (after I got dressed) and there was a stunning red-bellied woodpecker on one of the suet feeders. He stayed there for a LONG time – I think the frozen suet may have been a difficult meal requiring patience and finesse. He did look around continuously while dining. He was probably checking to see if the two Cooper’s Hawks that were lurking in the pin oak in the backyard the other day were back. Really like your blog.


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